Import Activities

Import Activities

Types of imported goods from Turkmenistan and Russia countries to Iran and from countries of origin to                                           other countries


Sheep wool from Turkmenistan other countries


Import of wheat and flour from Turkmenistan & Kazakistan -Russia directly to Afghanistan – Irak and other countries In 40 & 50kg bags


Sheep & live sheep from Kazakistan and Kirgizestan and Armenia


Diffrent type of agricultural products from Kazaghistan and Russia


Barley and wheat – Flour -Rapeseed –  Flax seed – Soy and ……..


Import of Russian Wood Types

Bead batch ready from Russia

Import of all kinds 0f Latex clothes. Critone. Flanel. Ranfors. Raw Gins clothes in different dimensions

Import of different iodine (industrial and medical)from Turkmenistan and export to other countries directly

Supply and import of second-hand copper (copper scrap) from other countries