Export Activities

Export Activities

List of samples of export items to Turkmenistan and Central Asia and other countries


For Export

Stone crusher factory in different capacities Beton mixer

Bricks production line


Different construction colors -Chemical solvent. Tiner. Emulsion and ….


One day chicken and chicken seeds-Live hen-egg ….


Asphalt factory in different capacities


Cow in different breeds and milking machine

Batching In different capacities

Tractor in different brands and combine


All kinds of polyethylene and Iron and Galvanized pipes and Pipe welding machine -Polyethylene tanks-Carogate pipes

All kinds of colored sheets and Colored and raw

All kinds of metal profiles and cans in different sizes and Armature -wire-…..


Types of steel structures


Clinker -Barite -Bentonite-Aluminum oxide-Cement (Mark M400 -M500) -Gyps plaster all typs


Caustic Soda Solid and liquid

Jumbo(Big) Bag in different sizes – Flour bag in different colors and sizes


Complete poultry equipment Simple and automatic



Equipments and greenhouse supplies


Bitumen barrels and Waterproofing(insulation)-Rolled glass wool


Types of cables Copper and aluminum high pressure and ….



Types of tiles and building stones



Types of Fertilizers for Agriculture



Types of Raw Paper Rolls

Types of domestic and industrial gas cylinders

Types of container and bunker cement

Exports of all types of Iranian dried fruits

Dried apricots in a bowl


All kinds of good yarn straw packing


Factory producing all kinds of  PVC  tubes


Glass bottle types


Jar glass types

Polyethylene granules and polypropylene raw materials


Types of raw glasses

Supply and export of various types of saffron

Supply and export of various types of building plaster

Black and Green tea packed and bulk different types

Export of mushroom and truffles from Iran

Export of different caviars and shrimp