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about Us

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Altin Sodaye Sahraye Aqqala Ltd trade Co.

The satisfaction of our business partners and partners is our first priority.

Our corporation – Altin Sodaye Sahraye Aqqala – Ltd Trade Co, is active in doing international trade, imports and Exports.This company has a representative office in Russia’s federal state and has direct partners in most of  the Russian Republics.

This corporation can help the customer’s in marketing their product internationaly. And we can also Locate any product for of costumers from any where in the world.And have the product to be transported for you to any where in the world.

Dear friends and our honorable prospect customers , and/or associate please note that due to our strong international connections such as  yourself we can make all these services possible for you.We will be honored and pleased to have you all on board.Because of having all of you on board with us enable our company provide our customers kind of excellent services that we do.Then please join with us in this journey.